High-Speed Lightweight Optical Systems to Connect Airline Passangers

High-Speed Lightweight Optical Systems to Connect Airline Passangers

Radiall provides connectivity solutions that enable aircraft passengers to access the Internet as they would at home. Cabin aircraft applications require products with high data rates that are lightweight and insensitive to electromagnetic interference. Radiall offers aerospace grade, fiber optic, end-to-end solutions to answer these demanding requirements, from the optoelectronic transmitter to the receiver, including fiber optic cable assemblies and fiber optic disconnects.


Engineered for use in any area of an aircraft, the QuickFusio™ is the perfect connector solution for cabin interior applications, including seat actuation systems, in-seat power supply and network systems, in-flight entertainment (IFE), lighting and Passenger Service Units (PSU). The miniature-sized QuickFusio™ series offers a variety of benefits.

Features & Benefits

  • Competitive costs with the use of standard SAE-AS38999 series II contacts
  • Versatile range with:
    - Two different grade options, QuickFusio and QuickFusio+, for the more cost and weight-optimized product depending on the performance required
    - Four rear outputs and four shell styles to cover all wiring configurations
    - Up to 23 electrical lines and 24 optical channels per connector
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 20 grams per pair
  • Extremely compact connector with high contact density


Radiall designs and builds optical harnesses with a variety of interconnect and transceiver solutions for aerospace environments. With its optical contacts, LuxCis and Q-MTitan, selected as the baseline standards for ARINC 801 and ARINC 846 respectively, Radiall provides end-to-end optical solutions with the D-Lightsys® 10+ Gbps multi-channel transceiver device family.

Available in transmitter, receiver and transceiver, D-Lightsys optical modules are also offered in several options from surface mount to pluggable packages.

  • Several configurations in a single package:
    - Four-channel transceiver (4 Tx + 4 Rx)
    - Twelve-channel emitters (12 Tx)
    - Twelve-channel receivers (12 Rx)
  • One, ten or twelve Gpbs per channel @ 850 nm (depending on package)
  • Extra small pigtailed package
  • Pluggable or solderable electrical interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Performance monitoring and control functions
  • High optical link budget: 14 dB @ 10 Gpbs from -40°C to 90 °C