DTC’s Mesh technology provides proven high-capacity multi-domain IP connectivity in challenging environments that sits seamlessly alongside existing public or private infrastructure. The ability to project a significant bi-directional capability into areas unreachable by existing technologies is tremendously powerful and can play a pivotal role in surveillance operations. DTC Mesh is a proven and flexible MANET (Mobile AdHoc Networking) solution which has successfully been deployed in the most adverse environments

Offered in two variants, Phase 4 which is the fourth iteration of DTC Mesh designed for use on a range of dedicated radio platforms and is available with 2 Watt and 5 Watt power options. Phase 5 is DTC’s next-generation Mesh software designed for installation on both dedicated radio platforms and the multi-capability Software Defined Radio (SDR) as a software application. All Phase 5 platforms offer the benefits of standard Mesh but are also Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) capable of double data throughput.