BNC 75 is a bayonet coupling connector that operates in the range DC-6 GHz.
75 Ohm / part series R142
Radiall was one of the first companies in the 1950s to introduce a true 75 Ohm impedance coaxial connector for the broadcast industry. With the evolution from analog TV to higher quality video systems (HDTV), the BNC 75 HDTV version was specifically designed in 2008 to handle higher data rates up to 3 Gbps.


  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Frequency range:
    • 75Ω: DC ~ 1.5 GHz (DC ~ 6 GHz for BNC HDTV)
  • Durability: 500 mating cycles min. (1000 mating cycles for HDTV version)
  • Power rating at 1 GHz: 1000 W
  • Temperature range: -65 °C / +165 °C


  • The outer diameter of the interface is approx 9.70 mm