EIZO Rugged Solutions has been an AMD Embedded Partner since 2004, developing high-performance embedded solutions for advanced GPGPU computing to the defense and aerospace markets. The Condor line of video graphics and GPGPU cards feature AMD Radeon™ embedded graphics processors such as the E4690, E8860, and E9171. AMD GPUs are ideal for graphics-intensive avionics applications such as geographic information systems, 360-degree situation awareness, diminished vision enhancement, and more. AMD’s dedicated support for rugged markets has allowed for successful integrations to traditional systems running Windows and Linux platforms, as well as various RTOS systems including VxWorks and INTEGRITY, allowing for flexible GPU integration into safety-critical environments such as cockpit displays.

AMD embedded solutions are becoming the processor choice for aerospace display and communications systems that demand high-performance graphics interface, advanced security features, floating-point performance, and/or have heavy processing requirements. With competitive delivery schedules, increased planned total life cycle, and systems management costs, together AMD and EIZO Rugged Solutions are bringing a whole new world of embedded graphics processing and GPU-compute to the aerospace marketplace.